I love reading your articles :) you rock

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Not a well researched article. In particular, none of the oligarchs in question are anywhere remotely "one of the wealthiest oligarchs in Russia". It isn't even clear they are Russian as opposed to Kazakh or something else.

Stick with the real facts of the case instead of click bait headlines.

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Hi @MikeBurgersburg,

Thanks for your interest in me. Unfortunately, there is an error in your article. You say that "FTX purchased the ZUBR exchange from VP Capital, an investment firm controlled by the Belarusian entrepreneur Viktor Prokopenya". This is incorrect. Neither me, nor VP Capital, nor Currency.com have ever owned any shares in Zubr.io.

We also have never had any business with FTX, despite bizarre recent attempts to suggest otherwise. This is confirmed by a statement on the Currency.com website which you can find here: https://currency.com/currency-com-has-no-exposure-to-ftx

I would appreciate it if you update your post with the correct information.

Many thanks,



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